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November 20, 2020

Dumek introduces two new cosmetic processing solutions

Alongside other important projects to be announced shortly, Dumek - a partner of the Marchesini Group specialised in processing solutions - has been working on two innovative systems over the last few months, namely:

  • Flex Melter, a new melter with interchangeable anchors;
  • e-FILLY, a new series of fully-electric fillers.

Based on the Melter used on Turbomek turbo emulsifiers to heat the water or oily phase of cosmetics, Dumek has created the new Flex Melter. It is an extremely flexible and customisable machine which, thanks also to the fact that the motor is now on the bottom of the container, can fit a variety of quickly-interchangeable anchors and mixing blades, making it even more versatile in processing raw ingredients.

Another novelty is the onboard installation of the heating water recirculation circuit, making the thermal exchange process even more efficient and rapid.

To conclude, thanks to an agreement with a leading stainless steel supplier, the new Flex Melter has been aesthetically improved and can be offered in coloured stainless steel. Taken from the automotive industry, the electro-pigmentation process of the metal sheets not only allows customers to personalise their Flex Melter, but also ensures greater resistance to corrosion compared to traditional stainless steel.

The new e-FILLY is designed for laboratory use to fill liquid, creamy and pasty products without having to replace any of the parts. Compared to the original model, e-FILLY has a servo motor, is totally electronic, and does not use compressed air.

Another special feature of this filler is its batch adjustment function. Unlike the classic model that involved manual adjustments on the machine, e-FILLY can be batched automatically from the operator panel. The servo motor means that the operating parameters, such as filling speed and acceleration in the initial filling phase to avoid product foaming, can be managed electronically.

Different sets of recipes can be saved and re-called on the operator panel. Finally, e-FILLY has an Optional D-Connect application so that operators can remotely edit the filling parameters and check the operating status via Wi-Fi.

In January 2021, Dumek will move from its current location to occupy a part of the Group’s new Beauty Division building next to the Group Headquarters (near Bologna). This will create a link for all the brands of Marchesini’s cosmetic galaxy. With a turnover which has jumped from 3.5 million Euro in 2016 to 5.6 million Euro in 2019 Dumek will now be beside the parent company and is set to have four times the space it currently has so that production of existing models and new ones can be increased accordingly.

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