MGB_virtual showroom
August 24, 2023

A virtual showroom for exploring Marchesini Group Beauty solutions

Today’s technology creates virtual spaces where users can interact with the objects in the room, moving in all directions and exploring the surrounding environment. In the wake of and exploiting the example of experimental predecessors in other sectors, Marchesini Group Beauty has decided to create its own virtual showroom with two beauty product packaging solutions in its centre. The idea is to provide an additional service to cosmetics companies in search of new alternatives, enabling them to view previews of the various solutions developed by the Group.



This will give customers access to an additional tool for taking a close look at the details of an automatic machine at their own convenience, from their computer or smartphone. To try out the potential of a virtual showroom to contain its machines, Marchesini Group Beauty called on Dimensione3, a company which creates interactive virtual tours integrated with proprietary software solutions that transform physical spaces into boundless digital environments. This partnership has produced a rendering tour, a virtual showroom, potentially without any limits in terms of architecture, surface area or assortment, containing two solutions: a soft mould lipstick production machine and a turbo-emulsifier for producing liquids and creams. Users will be able to view details of the machines by moving virtually in any direction and observing them from different angles. In fact, with this technology users can not only get up to close to large machinery from a screen but also investigate specific aspects through interactive tags, meeting the need to have a showroom constantly accessible online. 

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