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April 13, 2023

Interpack 2023: Marchesini Group Beauty presents its selection of technologies

At the Interpack show (4-10 May), Marchesini Group Beauty will be exhibiting recently developed technologies for processing and packaging cosmetics. The machines - both stand-alone and in-line, all on parade at stand A42 1-6, hall 15 of Messe Düsseldorf - are produced both by the parent company and by the specialist businesses acquired in the last few years: V2 engineering and Dumek from Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, Axomatic, Cosmatic and Rejves Machinery from Lombardy and Vibrotech from Tuscany. The technologies on show at the stand are able to cover the entire beauty product production cycle, from the processing of creams and emulsions through to secondary packaging and final placing in cases.

Interpack will also be an opportunity to celebrate 25th birthday of Axomatic, a company based in Settimo Milanese (Milan) and acquired in 2019 which has considerably boosted the consolidated turnover of Marchesini Group Beauty, with current earnings around 20 percent of those by the Group as a whole.

The Beauty technologies exhibited at Interpack


Tube filling, capping and cartoning line
The first of the two lines presented is able to package up to 75-80  small plastic tubes per minute. Tubes - widely used to contain products such as creams, toothpastes or shampoos - are first filled and capped by Axomatic’s AXO 1000 tube filling machine and then placed in cartons by the VcentoseiC intermittent motion horizontal cartoner, a machine with a wide choice of infeed systems and exhibited with an updated HMI to facilitate its user-friendliness and improve its design.

Bottle filling and capping line
Upstream of this line is PRISM - a technology developed by Vibrotech - which consists of a flexible infeed system with one or more robots and a vision system able to process a large number of products on the same machine without recycling. The vision system processes the images from the camera and sends the robots the coordinates for picking of the products - in this case, bottles - to be neatly placed at the exit. Connected to PRISM, a Rejves monobloc filling machine - also suitable for the food & beverage and nutraceuticals sectors - fills and caps the bottles. This monobloc’s main feature is the use of special load cells that guarantee accurate dosing with precision up to 0.1%, placing it at the top of its category.

Stand-alone machines

There will be a strong focus on Axomatic, a leading name in Lombardy’s beauty industry district. Axomatic will be exhibiting a large number of process machines, including the just-launched AXOBLADE - unveiled at Cosmopack in March this year - alongside the AXOMIX 50 and 600 and an AXOBLOCK 160 filling and capping machine.

Axoblade has been specifically designed to produce stable emulsions, creams, gels, balms, lotions and make-up with extremely small particles. It is complete with an “ALL IN ONE” mixing system, characterized by a high-speed blade homogenising system able to operate at speeds from 300 to 3000 rpm, and an anchor for slow mixing with speed variable from 5 to 15 rpm.

Axomix - family of turboemulsifiers for producing stable emulsions, creams, milks, gels, balms, lotions and toothpastes, all with extremely small particles - will be on show in 50 and 600 litre sizes.

Axoblock 160 is an alternating motion automatic filling and capping machine for liquid or creamy products, with conveyor belt for stable and unstable cylindrical, oval or square bottles, able to apply various types of cap. Apart from its high-speed size change, this solution is also extremely versatile: with output of up to 40 pieces a minute, the machine can handle bottles with diameters from 15 to 100 mm, while its filling capacity ranges from 10 ml to 1 l. It has many strengths: low energy consumption; filling and capping systems driven by servomotors and adjustable directly from the control panel; provision to connect all devices online on Industry 4.0 principles; and very fast size changes.

The stand will also showcase Vertipack - an alternating motion vertical cartoner by V2 engineering, exhibited with new HMI and improved design - and e-FILLY, a Dumek laboratory machine able to fill liquids, creams and pastes with no need to change any component. e-FILLY is an all-electronic solution equipped with a servomotor, and does not require a compressed air supply. The array of stand-alone machines is concluded by the Cosmatic P 1400, a moulding machine able to produce oval-format lip balms and mini-lipsticks.

Finally, the Marchesini Group will also feature a station for strategic partner SEA Vision, with a staff member at guests’ service to illustrate the latest innovations exhibited on its stand by the Lombardy software house, especially the new AI technology for lipstick quality control.

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