Prism_bottle and jar feeding system


The Prism is a robotic feeding system that can handle a variety of products with particular shapes and delicate finishes, especially cosmetic products such as bottles of all kinds, products with flexible and delicate packaging and brushes.

  • The system consists of a rotating sorting disk, a vision system that detect the products to be picked, and a belt or vibration hopper that doses the products into the disk.
  • There is a preparation robot that rotates the products into the correct position to be picked, and one or more Scara type robots that pick the products and deposit them on the output belt.
  • The main advantage of this system is that all products loaded on the rotating disk are taken to the output track without recycling with secondary systems.
  • The system is able to handle the components with gentle movements while avoiding repeated stresses and scratches to the products.
  • Ultra-rapid automatic changeover.
  • Management of different product types on the same system.
  • Possibility of inserting products in godet.
  • Possibility of inkjet printing integration.
  • Possibility of managing products with undefined centers of gravity.
Product diameter: 15mm - 200mm
Product height: 15mm - 350mm
Pieces: up to 80 pcm
Tracks: 1 or multiple
Position: vertical or horizontal axis

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