February 7, 2020

Marchesini Group at the Cosmopack factory


As part of the Cosmopack tradeshow, CosmoFactory will be launching an experimental laboratory where visitors can follow the entire production cycle from production and sales to final testing on future consumers and users for a specific cosmetic product - Six4all, an emulsion bringing together colouring and skincare. The overall project is part of the “Garden Of Diversity”, a three-step series consisting of: 

Step 1: the actual production of the Six4all emulsion, which comes in 6 shades that can be mixed with a different skincare base depending on skin type (3-6 September, Hall 19 PK);
Step 2: Six4all's highly customised shopping experience. Using a skin analysis device, you can discover your skin type and the Six4all blend that's just right for you (3-7 September, Hall 14);
Step 3: you can then go to the testing area and try your selected shade under the supervision of  professional make-up artists. (3-7 September, Mall).

The Marchesini Group will actively participate in the step product production phase. In the Factory tube-filling machine Axo 1000 - designed by Axomatic, a cosmetic brand in Marchesini's range - will be on show. The Axo 1000 will be packaging the Six4all emulsion, filling up to 85 tubes per minute.

In the Factory, Marchesini will also be represented by a TURBO-MEK turboemulsifier. This is a flagship machine in the Dumek range, another of the Marchesini Group's cosmetic companies. TURBO-MEK models are designed to produce liquid and cream products like emulsions (creams and milks), serums, oils, balms, gels and lotions. Specialised versions of these machines are used for specific products such as make up (mascara or foundation), hair colour, toothpastes and mud treatments.

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