March 22, 2022


Among the areas set up for Open House Beauty, scheduled from 26 to 30 April in Pianoro, one space will be dedicated to make-up, showcasing solutions by Cosmatic, a brand that specialises in technologies for producing lipsticks and filling cosmetic powders.

The Milan-based company, which joined the Marchesini Group’s beauty division last year, was founded in 2005 in the Lombardy cosmetics district, where hundreds of companies are based, producing more than half of the make-up used worldwide. The acquisition of Cosmatic has enabled the Group to expand its expertise in a segment that uses some of the most complex technologies in the cosmetics world, such as those which process lipstick paste. The company was one of the first to introduce the soft-mould filling technique for lipstick production in Italy, automating the process and designing increasingly innovative and versatile solutions.

At the Open House in April, one of Cosmatic’s solutions using this technology will be on show: the SM 600, a compact lipstick moulding machine made entirely of mirror-polished stainless steel, with a completely smooth work surface for easy and quick cleaning. The technological cycle of this solution, which can produce up to 600 pieces/hour with a single operator, includes various stages such as mould heating, dosing, cooling down to -15° C with forced air circulation and the demoulding stage with a vacuum unit and Pick & Place. A single melter with a 15 litre capacity will be fitted to the machine.

And that’s not all. The Open House Beauty make-up area will feature two other Cosmatic brand solutions: a machine for moulding cosmetic pencils and an automatic lip balm filling machine with top-up stick filling.

P1400, the first solution is a machine for producing cosmetic pencils with a rotary table, equipped with 96 metal moulds and small silicone moulds for the tip. Based on technology that involves direct back-filling into the pencil, the machine is suitable for sharpenable plastic pencils with a minimum diameter of four millimetres and can produce up to 1,400 pieces/hour, depending on the product and temperature. Among the options that complete this technology, in addition to the hot wax dosing unit and the system for spraying silicone into the pencils, it is also possible to change formats to produce oval lip balms with metal moulds and mini-lipsticks.

LB3000, the second solution, is an automatic lip balm filling and capping machine with top filling of the stick. This machine, which can produce up to 4,000 pieces/hour, is equipped with an 864-position rotary table, an air-cooling system, a 120-litre melter, a six-nozzle volumetric dispenser and an automatic machine and cap loader. This solution can be completed with an ink-jet system to print the code on the bottom of the pack.

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