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March 30, 2022


Dumek, the Group’s brand that specialises in process solutions, will present the latest technologies developed to meet the needs of the cosmetics industry at the Beauty Open House.

For the company, which boasts more than 40 years of experience and over 4,000 machines installed worldwide, it will also be an opportunity to show its customers its new office, built inside the Beauty Division at the Marchesini Group Headquarters in Pianoro (Bologna). 

Starting on 26 April, Dumek will be showcasing various new products, developed around two key elements to improve the efficiency and performance of its machines: digitalisation and energy saving

In terms of digitalisation innovations, the Dumek brand will present the SMART TC (Smart Temperature Control) system installed on a turbo-emulsifier, operating under vacuum, for processing liquid and creamy products. 

This is an intelligent system patented by the company which not only favours energy savings during the heating and cooling stages, but also more precise control of processing stages, ensuring greater repeatability. This technology is essential for ensuring the stability of emulsions and for processing products with natural ingredients for which it is increasingly important to conduct thermal cycles in a precise, repeatable and controlled manner.

Moreover, all the turbo-emulsifiers on display are equipped with a touch control panel, can be interfaced with mobile devices and can be easily integrated into a production context with centralised management using MES/MOM-type systems. 

With regard to the energy-saving goal, two thermo-emulsifiers equipped with efficiency-optimised heating and cooling units will be on show at the Beauty Open House. In addition to designing its process machines with a view to reducing consumption, Dumek can also provide a comprehensive assessment of the plant supporting the turbo-emulsifier, advising the customer on the overall downsizing of the plant to improve the performance and efficiency of heat exchange

To ensure more responsible use of water resources, Dumek has also redesigned its solutions for improved hygienic design and ease of cleaning. Furthermore, a CIP/SIP system integrated with the machine’s operating logic has been perfected, making it possible to optimise space and the washing cycle.

In addition to turbo-emulsifiers and melters, Dumek has always designed and manufactured laboratory machines. The company will be showcasing its volumetric dosing machines at the event, ranging from its first models to its latest technologies: from the first pneumatic dosing machines (FIlly) to the first generation of electric machines (Eduard) and the latest generation of fully electronic machines (E-filly).

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