Rotary table jar filling-capping machine MV 545


Automatic intermittent motion rotary machine, for filling and capping glass or plastic jars with creams, gels or liquid products. 

  • Working star-wheel to transfer and position jars into the different machine stations 
  • Touch screen control panel for machine management, with self-diagnosis and help functions 
  • Brushless capping station with integrated torque control 
  • Pick & Place for under cap plugs feeding 
  • and positioning 
  • Welding/pouching system for under cap liner sealing 
  • Manual or automatic jars/plugs/caps feeding system 
Jar diameter: 35 mm - 85 mm* (*100 mm option)
Cap size: 35 mm - 85 mm* (*100 mm option)
Filling range: 3 ml - 250 ml* (*500 ml option)
Jars: up to 65 jars/min

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