MCPV 850

MCPV 850

Automatic vertical case packer - palletizer combining in a single, compact monobloc the operations of packing products in cases then palletizing them. This machine packs loose products which have to be kept upright, such as various types of jars or bottles, as well as traditional cartons and square bundles, making it a great solution for the cosmetic sector.

Compact, ergonomic, reliable and sturdy, it is innovative and versatile thanks to the use of robotised solutions which significantly enhance performances in terms of speed and flexibility.

All operations are fully automated, performed by brushless motors and controlled by a Siemens 677 PC. There are many options available, for a wide range of customisations: possibility of installing printers, labellers, code scanners, check weighers.


Width: from 140 to 400 mm
Height: from 145 to 300 mm
Lenght: from 100 to 300 mm
Europallet: “X” 800 & “Y” 1000 or “X” 1000 & “Y” 1200 mm
Total height: stacks + pallet, “W” + “Z” 1500 mm

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