MA 100

Intermittent motion automatic machine with horizontal transport of the carton, suitable for packing products into three-flaps straight or reverse tuck-in cartons.

Machine in-stock main features:

  • Design, manufacturing, and ergonomics, in accordance with cGMP norms.
  • Versatility and efficiency in a small footprint.
  • Balcony design to improve accessibility, maintenance and cleaning operations.
  • Working zone on operator side for cartons, products and leaflets transport, separated from the rear of the machine enclosing the mechanics and the main servo motor drive
  • Cartons transport and closing movements running in oil bath, enclosed in two drive boxes.
  • Cartons transport system with adjustment (“a” quote) from a single point of intervention, through handwheel and digital indicators.
  • Adjustment of carton length (“h” dimension), by widening the belt transport system, through handwheel and digital indicators.
  • Separated removable bins for collecting rejected products, cartons and leaflets.
  • Handwheel, digital indicators, millimeter scales and size gauges for easy size changeover. 
Carton width (A): 20 mm - 85 mm
Carton height (B): 16 mm - 65 mm
Carton length (H): 60 mm - 170 mm
Cartons: up to 100 cartons/min

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