Automatic machine suitable to overwrap cartons and/or regular shaped single or bundled products in a six-sided complete wrap with lateral envelope folds.

The machine makes use of heat sealable material, if workable, like co-extruded and/or coated Polypropylene. 

Main Features:

  • Balcony design machine with anodized aluminium plate structure housing motors and mechanical movements. This design reduces mechanical maintenance and protects against dust because the mechanical parts are isolated from the working and product transport areas.
  • Each movement is driven by servo motor PC controlled.   
  • Dedicated treatments for the cosmetic industry (Teflon®, polish, chromium plating for the parts in
  • contact with products and felt conveyor belts). 
  • Size change over operations are made without the use of tools as achieved by servo motors with digital indicators. Size selection is made from display and size adjustments are automatically set by the software on all the quotes. The change-over includes the longitudinal adjustment of the sealing plates and the sealers temperature regulation. 
  • Fixed line opposite operator side, at the infeed and discharge.
  • A flat belt (height 860 mm at the infeed) is used to feed the products.
  • The reel holder is placed on the right, on operator side, in an ergonomic position at 1500 mm from the floor, for an easy change of the film reel.  
  • Vertical unwinding with respect to the product leading direction.
  • The lateral sealing can be made in two ways: by sealing belts for the standard version of the machine or by sealing plates (permitting points sealing), for the cosmetic version (optional). 
  • The machine has been designed and manufactured in accordance with cGMP norms and it is delivered with Œ marking. 
Product width (A): 20 mm - 130 mm
Product height (B): 15 mm - 90 mm
Product length (H): 65 mm - 200 mm
Bundle width (A): 50 mm - 130 mm
Bundle height (B): 25 mm - 90 mm
Bundle length (H): 65 mm - 200 mm
Packs: up to 80 packs/min

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