Intermittent motion rotary automatic machine for filling and sealing metal, polyethylene and laminate tubes.

Main Features:

  • Design, manufacturing and ergonomics, in accordance with cGMP norms.
  • Complete accessibility to facilitate size changeover, maintenance and cleaning operations.
  • Main frame and base of the machine in AISI 304 stainless steel.   
  • AISI 304 removable guards to allow maximum accessibility to the internal parts.
  • Electronic speed variator with digital setting of machine speed.
  • Safety coupling to protect mechanical parts.
  • Anticorrosion treated upper parts.
  • Electronic control and safety systems. 
  • Storage of operation parameters to form a collection of recipes of the different products filled on the machine.
  • Possibility of adopting two different tube feeding systems according to the required autonomy and kind of application:
    • semi-automatic loader of tubes from box;    
    • ergonomic tube loader, mod. “Jumbo”.   
  • Exclusion of the loading function for the tubes discharge before any planned machine stop.
  • Tube orientation managed by the tube holder rotation, driven by a stepping motor. Presence of photocell for the control of the mark position on the tube. The system prevents damage to the edge of the tube.
  • Device to pneumatically hold the tubes during the transfer into the tube holders.
  • Presser for the correct insertion of the tube into the holder. 
  • Guided adjustments for easy and quick size changeover.
Dosage range: from 3 to 390 ml
Metal Tubes Diameter: from 10 to 40 mm
Polyethylene or Laminate Tubes: from 10 to 50 mm
Tube Height: from 50 to 250 mm
(cap included)
Tubes: up to 80 tubes/min

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