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Automatic wrapper for mascara packaging

V40 is an automatic wrapper capable of wrapping small and medium parallelepiped-shaped products, as well as others, using wrapping film from a reel.

In the STRETCH version, the machine uses “stretch polyethylene” film to include the band around the bundle. In the SHRINK version, heat-shrink film is used to wrap the bundle, exploiting heating elements on the outlet or a heat-shrink tunnel.

The remarkable versatility of the V40 makes it suitable for the various packaging needs of the cosmetic and food industries.

Strongholds of V40:

  • Rugged and ergonomic structure;
  • Compactness;
  • Quick-release fittings to ensure fast size change-over;
  • Product extraction from buckets by mechanical pusher;
  • Heat-shrink film wrapping of two or three products (mascara, lipstick, etc.).

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